11 Tips to Hire the Right Proofreader for Your Book

There are no words to define the feeling you get when you have completed your manuscript. It can feel like a huge burden is lifted off of your shoulders, and you can feel free to do everything you love without feeling guilty ever again.

Of course, every author proofreads their manuscript several times after completing it and fixes several errors along the way. Fixing these mistakes can make you feel a lot more confident about your work being error-free, but is that about enough?

Experts in the field recommend that you must hire a proofreader for your book and here is how you can make the right choice.

Know What You Want

Before you start looking for an ideal proofreader for your work, you must know what services you want them to provide. Define your scope of work clearly to reach the right pool of service providers to save your time and energy. 

When you understand what you want, you can be direct with the candidates for the position and increase your chances of finding the right match.

Seek Experience

Experience matters a lot, especially when you are trusting someone with your most important work. More experience in a certain genre or field means that they have proficient skills and can be trusted with improving your work.

It is best to seek someone who has vast experience in your field so that you can have in-depth discussions with them and expect their industry knowledge to help you grow as well.

Inquire About Qualification

Although formal education may not be necessary for someone to assume the role of a proofreader and succeed in the industry, it can be a major plus point. Relevant qualifications and certification in proofreading and editing can show that they have industry knowledge and additional skills.

Of course, individuals with formal education and certification may charge a bit more for their services, but many authors say that it can be totally worth it.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Do not just take the word of your aspiring proofreader for how great of the services they have to offer. Instead, the better way to judge their skills is to read the words of their previous clients and see how their experience went.

Reading the reviews of an aspiring proofreader can help you see whether they are the right match for your needs. You can also ask to get in touch with their previous clients to be even sure about the choice you make. If you see frequent bad reviews, make the right call and look for other options.

Prioritise Your Deadline

You must always prioritise your deadline over everything. If your proofreader does not have a reputation for being respectful of their client’s deadlines, you must never work with them. Nothing and no one is worth compromising your deadlines for.

It is best to communicate your deadline in your contract with your proofreader so that miscommunication can be avoided. Even if they disrespect your deadline, you can hold them accountable.

Ask for a Sample

You do not have to hold back from asking your aspiring proofreader for a sample. Viewing a sample is your opportunity to see the quality of work that certain professionals will be able to provide. 

You can also ask them to edit and proofread a snippet from your manuscript. This way, you can gauge their grammatical expertise and overall editing style to assess how they can improve your work.

Consider the Costs

Every author wants to be a proofreader to work on their manuscript. Unfortunately, the level of expertise of your proofreader is often based on your budget. If you have a limited budget, you may want to go through different proofreaders in the UK for hire to make a choice.

Start by comparing pricing structures and the level of service provided side by side. Make a list of all the options available in your budget to secure the best talent.

Look for Compatibility

Any professional that you get on board to work with must be compatible with you. You must feel comfortable working in each other’s company to boost each other’s potential and ensure the best proofreading services for your work.

Therefore, you must always try to see if the aspiring proofreader is compatible with you. If your editor does not understand the vision of your work, they will not be able to give their best to you as a client.

Seek a Tech Savvy

Gone are the days when the best proofreaders only needed to be keen readers. In this technology-driven world, proofreaders must know about different writing, editing, and proofreading applications to provide you with the best possible services.

In addition to using different applications, make sure that they are also proficient in using different editing software such as MS Word, Google Docs, and other specialised proofreading tools.

Reread the Revision Policy

Make sure that you ask the aspiring proofreader about their revision policy before you get them on board. You do not want to be stuck with someone who is not willing to address any concerns you may have later in time.

It is best to mention the revision policy on your contract with your proofreader. This way, you can work with your proofreader to ensure that you are satisfied with their services.

Trust Your Instincts

Many people will recommend proofreaders to you, and several will reach out to you. At some point, you may also feel overwhelmed with so many options at hand. But remember that the last decision depends on you, and no one can force you to make a choice you are not comfortable with.

Ultimately, it is important that you trust your instincts when selecting a proofreader. Consider all your options and choose someone you believe will enhance the quality of your book

Of course, you can ask your friends and colleagues for their valued suggestions to get in touch with reliable proofreaders, but the final call is yours to make.

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