How Does FIFA 24’s Newest Feature, Training Transfer, Work? 

EA FC 24 (formerly FIFA) introduced a revolutionary feature in its June update: Training Transfer. This innovative system allows you to optimize your squad by transferring training progress between players. Here’s how Training Transfer works and how you can leverage it to build a dominant team.

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Understanding Training in EA FC 24

Let’s pause for a moment to discuss Training Transfer before we dive into it. In EA FC 24, players gain experience points by participating in EA FC 24 matches and accomplishing goals. These XP contribute to enhancing a player’s rating (OVR) and refining skills, like speed shooting and dribbling. Traditionally, the main approach to elevating a player’s performance was through training sessions.

Introducing Training Transfer

Training Transfer lets you bypass the traditional training method and directly transfer training progress between FIFA players. This proves especially advantageous in two situations::

  • Upgrading Young Players: Imagine having a promising young player with low OVR but high potential. You can train a higher-rated player in the same position and then transfer that training progress to your young star, instantly boosting their OVR and stats.
  • Reshaping Your Squad: Did you acquire a new EA FC 24 player who perfectly fits your playstyle but lacks the OVR to compete? Simply train a similar player you’re no longer using and transfer that progress to your new star.

The Mechanics of Training Transfer

Here’s a breakdown of how Training Transfer works:

  • Transfer Eligibility: Only FIFA players from the same position group (Attacker, Midfielder, Defender, FC 24 Goalkeeper) can exchange training. OVR doesn’t matter.
  • Transfer Cost: Every transfer requires a Training Transfer Token or FIFA Points. Tokens are earned through gameplay objectives and rewards, while FIFA Points require real-money purchases.

Utilizing Training Transfer Effectively

To maximize the benefits of EA FC 24 Training Transfer, consider these strategies:

  • Plan Your Squad: Identify players you plan to keep long-term and prioritize training them. You can then use lower-rated EA FC 24 players as “training fodder” to boost your core squad.
  • Identify Transfer Candidates: Look for high-potential youngsters or newly acquired players who would benefit significantly from a training boost.
  • Prioritize Carefully: FIFA Training Transfer Tokens are valuable resources, so use them strategically. Focus on transfers that will significantly improve your key players.

Beyond Training Transfer: Additional Considerations

Remember, FIFA Training Transfer isn’t a magic bullet. Keep these extra considerations in mind:

  • Skill Boosts: While Training Transfer enhances overall OVR and stats, it doesn’t directly affect Skill Boosts, which provide unique in-game advantages. Apply Skill Boosts strategically to further optimize your players.
  • Chemistry: Team Chemistry remains crucial for peak performance. Ensure FIFA players with transferred training fit well within your team’s overall setup.

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Hopefully, you now know everything about how Training Transfer in FIFA 24. With this knowledge, you can start using this new feature properlyFIFA 24

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