How Panorama Education Empowers Schools to Support Student Success

In the ever-changing educational landscape of today, teachers must balance supporting students’ academic progress with their social and emotional development. Offering a full range of resources intended to close the knowledge gap between academics and social-emotional learning (SEL), Panorama Education appears as a potent remedy. This blog article explores Panorama Education, looking at its main attributes, advantages, user feedback, and how it enables schools to provide comprehensive assistance for students’ achievement.

Beyond Exam Results: A Comprehensive Strategy for Student Development

By going beyond conventional tests, Panorama Education gives teachers a way to get a comprehensive picture of their pupils. This is what distinguishes them:

Surveys on social-emotional learning (SEL): Assess student wellbeing, school atmosphere, and social-emotional competencies that are essential for scholastic achievement.
Academic surveys: evaluate motivation, growth mindsets, and student involvement to guide instruction.
Tiered Intervention Planning: Determine which children require more assistance and provide them with the specific tools they need to succeed.

Data-Driven Choices: Robust Analytics for Knowledgeable Action

Panorama Education’s perceptive data and analytics empower educators.

Get insights into areas for improvement, school atmosphere, and student development with our actionable reports.
Benchmarking: To pinpoint areas of strength and room for improvement, compare your school’s data with regional or national averages.
Tools for Data Visualization: For transparent communication, transform complicated data into readable charts and graphs.

Comments from Users: Teachers Discuss Panorama Education

Here is an overview of the opinions expressed by instructors who make use of Panorama Education:

“We can assess pupils’ SEL skills using Panorama… It offers insightful data that lets us know how well-loved, challenged, and prepared pupils are feeling—Dr. William Blake, District of Columbia Public Schools Director of Social-Emotional Learning.
“It now takes minutes using the Panorama system.” Nichole Goodliffe, Ogden School District (UT) assistant principal
Note that user evaluations might differ, and these are only a few instances.

Simplifying Processes: Increasing Educator Efficiency

Platform that is easy to use: An intuitive interface simplifies data analysis, reporting, and survey design.
Automatically collected, scored, and reported workflows can save time.
Professional Development: To assist educators in making the most of the platform, Panorama Education provides training materials.
These features enable teachers to help their students more and spend less time on administrative duties.

Panorama Advantage: Establishing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Viewpoint Education promotes a culture of continual improvement in schools, going beyond just providing data.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): Enable educators to work together to create interventions and evaluate data.
Data-driven Decision Making: This enables administrators to make well-informed decisions based on the requirements of their students.
Panorama Education gives schools the tools they need to provide a vibrant learning environment for all students by promoting a comprehensive approach to student achievement.

Five Frequently Asked Questions about Panorama Education

1. Is Panorama Education easy to use for teachers who have no background in technology?

Yes, Panorama Education provides extensive training materials and places a high priority on an intuitive interface.

2. How does Panorama Education protect the privacy of student data?

In order to protect the privacy of student data, Panorama Education follows stringent security procedures and industry best practices.

3. Is there integration between Panorama Education and other educational software?

In fact, Panorama Education provides interfaces with a number of well-known educational applications and learning management systems.

4. What are Panorama Education’s pricing plans?

In accordance with the size and features of the institution, Panorama Education provides tiers of pricing. For further information, get in touch with their sales staff.

5. Is my school a good fit for Panorama Education?

Schools of all sizes that want to assist students’ academic success and social-emotional wellbeing can benefit from Panorama Education. Examine the platform’s characteristics and the unique requirements of your institution to see whether it is a suitable match.

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