Is Costco Open on Easter Sunday: Your Complete Guide


Every year, as Easter approaches, shoppers wonder, “Is Costco open on Easter Sunday?” Understanding Costco’s holiday schedule helps in planning your shopping trips efficiently. This post delves into Costco’s Easter Sunday operations, offering insights and tips for a hassle-free holiday shopping experience.

Costco’s Holiday Hours Overview

Costco is renowned for its generous holiday policies, often closing on major holidays to give employees time with their families. We explore whether this policy includes Easter Sunday and how it impacts your shopping plans.

Is Costco Open on Easter Sunday?

Costco typically closes its doors on Easter Sunday. This day is among the few major holidays when Costco chooses to remain closed, allowing employees to enjoy the holiday with their loved ones.

Why Does Costco Close on Easter?

Understanding the reasons behind Costco’s decision to close on Easter can help shoppers plan better. This closure reflects Costco’s commitment to employee welfare and company values, which prioritize giving staff time off during significant holidays.

How to Verify Costco’s Holiday Hours

To avoid confusion, it’s crucial to verify Costco’s holiday hours as Easter approaches. This section will guide you on how to check the latest updates about Costco’s operating hours during the holidays.

Planning Ahead for Easter Shopping at Costco

Since Costco is closed on Easter Sunday, planning your shopping trip in advance is essential. Tips on how to maximize your shopping experience at Costco before the holiday closure will be covered here.

Alternative Shopping Options on Easter Sunday

If you need last-minute supplies on Easter Sunday, other retail options are available. We’ll explore alternative stores that remain open on Easter and what you can expect in terms of product availability and service.

Frequently Bought Items Before Easter at Costco

Discussing the most popular items purchased at Costco during the Easter season can help you compile your shopping list efficiently. From Easter baskets to holiday meals, find out what most shoppers are buying.

Last-Minute Shopping Tips

For those who tend to delay their holiday preparations, this section provides strategic tips for last-minute shopping at Costco, ensuring you get everything you need before the store closes for Easter.

Costco Membership Benefits During Holidays

Highlight the benefits of a Costco membership, especially during the holidays. Exclusive deals and member-only hours can enhance your shopping experience, even during busy seasons like Easter.


While the answer to “Is Costco open on Easter Sunday?” is typically a no, understanding Costco’s holiday hours can help you plan your activities well in advance. Remember, the key to a stress-free holiday is planning ahead. Make sure to check Costco’s schedule and plan your shopping accordingly to enjoy a peaceful and joyful Easter.


1. Is Costco open on Easter Sunday?

  • No, Costco is generally closed on Easter Sunday to allow employees to spend time with their families.

2. What are some alternatives if I need to shop on Easter Sunday?

  • Other retail stores like Walmart or Target may be open on Easter. It’s best to check their specific holiday hours.

3. Can I shop online at Costco on Easter Sunday?

  • Yes, you can shop online at Costco’s website on Easter Sunday, with deliveries scheduled for subsequent days.

4. What are the busiest days at Costco before Easter?

  • The days leading up to Easter, especially Friday and Saturday, are typically the busiest. Shopping early in the morning can help avoid crowds.

5. Why is it important to know Costco’s holiday hours?

  • Knowing when Costco is open during the holidays helps in planning your shopping effectively, ensuring you don’t face closed doors.

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