The Most Popular Slot Games in 2024 And How to Play Them

Slots are one of the keys to the success of casinos worldwide. They are exciting since they give you a quick and easy way to feel the thrill of gambling. The combination of lights, sounds, themes, and the chance of winning creates the perfect casino game.

There are many slots available in onsite and online casinos. Due to the development these games have had over the years, they often have better features to attract more players.

Now that we are in the middle of 2024, what have been the most popular slots so far? And, how can I play them? You will find all the answers here.

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How Can People Play Slot Games in 2024?

There are two ways to play slot games in 2024. The first is to go to a local casino and try the traditional gambling experience. However, if you want to gamble without taking a step out of your house, you could try online casinos.

Gambling platforms aim to enhance what you get from a regular casino by offering more benefits to its users. Many of them let you play with crypto or access thousands of slot games. 

If you want to play slots on an online gambling platform, you just need to sign up for it and look for the game you want to play. It’s truly as easy as that. Yet, signing up may require you to submit some money to start playing and your personal information to create the account. 

What Are the Most Popular Slot Games This Year? 

Getting to the main part of this post, it’s time to know the most popular slot games in 2024. Keep in mind that there are many games available online, and many of them are excellent. These are just the trendiest ones at the moment. 

Due to their popularity, the games listed below should be available in most online casinos. Regardless of that, always try to play on a reputable platform such as Signing up for unreliable platforms could make you fall for scams. 


The first slot game on this list is Starburst, and if you like slots, this may not be a surprise for you. Starburst has been available for players since 2012, and it has stayed popular ever since.

However, what keeps Starburst relevant after all these years? Actually, a fair trade of things. First, you have that it’s simple and easy to understand. This game is the traditional slot with a 5×3 format with 10 pay lines. 

Thanks to how the game’s system works, it has low volatility. Hence, players will get frequent wins if they are lucky enough. 

Something interesting about this game is that the Starburst symbol acts as the wild in slots. That means it can replace others to complete a winning combination.

Apart from those things, you can play them in most online and land-based casinos. It’s visually appealing enough for people to try it if they don’t know it. 

Players love Starburst because of its high Return to Player percentage (RTP). They feel they have a safer and more rewarding experience with this game than what others offer. 

Quest to the West 

Although it’s considerably more volatile than Starburst, Quest to the West is also one of the most popular slots we’ve seen this year. This game proves that sometimes, what makes a game appealing is how much its developers focus on its theme and design. 

Quest to the West uses Asian Folklore designs and sounds to attract players to a unique experience. The goal of the game is to go to the Land of the Unknown to meet the Monkey King. 

The gameplay is simple; you have a five-reel, 3-row, and 25-payline slot. Its walking wilds and free spins make it more exciting than others, but it’s still the traditional experience you would get with other slot games. 

Quest to the West’s RTP is high. High rollers and people into Asian themes love it. The game is available on most online gambling platforms. 


Bonanza is truly a classic among slots. Regardless of that, it has one of the most thrilling gameplays you will find in one of these games. 

How can slots be different or more exciting than others? Well, this one has a Megaways feature that gives you more than 100,000 ways to win. Each reel has between two and seven symbols, which is more than what you get from most slots. 

Besides that, your symbols are replaced with others right after you win. That allows you to get consecutive wins on the same spin. 

Eye of Horus 

Eye of Horus is the last game we will review on this page. Although it’s the most volatile on the list, it still has a high RTP. 

As its name suggests, the game takes place in the Ancient Egypt. Therefore, its symbols are historical references such as the eye of Horus, pharaohs, and scarabs. 

Although Eye of Horus has the classic slot experience, its straightforward layout makes its gameplay faster. The game includes expanding wilds and free spins to speed things up each match.

You will find this game on many online gambling platforms. It’s perfect for people new to slots.  

Wrapping Up 

While most slot games have the same gameplay, the way they include new features is what makes them unique. It’s thrilling to see developers play with new themes and even include a story with goals of something as simple as a slot. 

The games we reviewed are the most popular in 2024 and also excellent options for newcomers and professionals. Their straightforwardness is what made them popular in the first place, so it’s easy for people to understand how they work. 

If you are interested in playing some of these games yourself, you can do it through the platform. There, you will find a wide array of slots available for you. Likewise, there are other casino games available.

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